Monday, 3 June 2013

Yorkshire Holiday

They know something's up.....they're eyeing up the cases, sitting inside when they realise I haven't closed them, and generally have a reproachful look in their eyes.    "You're going without us, aren't you"!

Yes, we are - for the first time together - because a kind friend is moving in to look after Yin and Yang as a substitute servant.   We are off to Harrogate, York, Whitstable and Bronte country.   From the various recommendations from friends about places of interest, we are going to eat our way round E. Yorks... Yorkshire curd cake, and a long indulgent visit to Betty's team room for her dainties, Wensleydale blue cheese, fish 'n chips at the Magpie in Whitby while dodging Dracula memorabilia.  And all this in between the purpose of our holiday:   journeys on steam locomotives.   This is el jefe's special interest (see his website here )  It's full of his graphic illustrations of 19th century steam locomotives in glorious colour. 

We are getting very excited.

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thecatalanway said...

i hope you have a grand time - its good to get away even if it means missing some of the sunshine which at last is here. will you go to Bettys? i've always wanted to go dor tea there. the trains sound lovely. enjoy it all ! love kate