Friday, 16 January 2015


Oooo, I've been brought up short:   Hattie, who has a blog here, has dismissed me from her blog roll as I do not post regularly.  I can understand that.  It's disappointing when a blog you like suddenly dries up.

 I love visiting her blog and have done so for a number of years - she is so prolific on a wide range of matters -  finding that I like many of the books and programmes that she likes.  She is a very learned woman.  

Now, it's true, I'm not blogging here, nor on my Costa de la Luz Gardening blog, and haven't done so for some time.   Don't ask why, it just is.   Could be something to do with the fact that for the last year my old schoolfriend from 65 years ago traced me and we've been playing Scrabble on line ever since.   I have to access it through Facebook and once I get on there I'm easily distracted by the yards of verbiage about nothing in particular. 

If other visitors who've enjoyed my previous blogging also get fed up with nothing new to read, I'll be talking to myself  if I ever take it up again.      Nothing new there.  I'm still waiting to encounter one of those musical or dance groups that strike up out of nowhere in supermarkets, stations and airports.   'Flashmobs', have just remembered the name of them.   That would be something to blog about.