Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Socks in Seville

We had a jaunt to Seville, despite wall-to-wall rain.   El jefe's shoes let in water, we had no umbrellas nor protective clothing......disaster.    So, new shoes for el jefe, lovely Spanish leather boat shoes.   But the socks had to be dumped - they were soaking.

We were in a very posh area and the only shop (apart from MaxMara and Loewe's) was Carolina Herrera, haute couture, and the only place for socks: yes, they had them.....lovely silky black ones with red toes and heels 15€.  We could probably have bought 6 or 10 pairs for that in M & S!

The hilarious thing was the packaging - presented to us in a beautiful monogrammed red box, ditto small designer carrier bag and the receipt looked like a flyer for the fashion house with the name of our server printed at the bottom.     All very tasteful, elaborate - and expensive.   But who cares:   his feet were dry!

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thecatalanway said...

Hello P

well you read me and I read you - so at least we know there is someone out there! Those socks look rather lovely and I thought in Caroline Herrera they would cost more. Might even go get some for the special male birthday that is coming up.
It sounds like you are feeling better - I hope so. and that the wet feet don't cause another lowering of immune systems.
Happy Birthday! for last time
love Kate x