Tuesday, 7 July 2009

3 Siamese

I'm amazed at our two, Yin and Yang, who seem quite comfortable allowing our visitor (Shanti) to share the cool of the patio. He does have a family about 10 minutes walk away, but prefers to spend time in our garden. I tried not feeding him but he won't go home and doesn't stop shouting until I give him something.

I've harvested the first of the bell peppers and aubergines today and spent the morning chopping them up, with our own onions, tomatoes and garlic to make something with pasta. In previous years I've done a cheese lasagne with the veg. mix above.

Meanwhile, one of the freezers is bulging with apricots and plums and there are jars of plums in syrup for later in the year. Next big crop will be the black figs. I read that they're good with goats cheese and rocket. If anyone has favourite fig dessert recipes, I'd appreciate hearing about them.

Gonzalo and Mathilde next door have been supplying us with huge bags of French beans....simply delicious. And as a special treat, turkeys' eggs. I've had duck's and geese eggs but never turkey. They're slightly richer and larger than a hen's egg.