Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cats overjoyed

We arrived home last week at 1 a.m. and were wary about the reception we'd get from Yin and Yang.   Our friend had told us that they could win an Oscar for sulking while we were away.  They've known her for about 4 years but during our absence, if she walked in a room, they walked out, only turning up for their meals.  

We were gobsmacked by the warm greetings - lots of yowling from both and following us around for the next few days, sleeping on the bed at night.   What a surprise.

I have pics and more to write but the PC crashed the day after our return and I'm busy now loading up and trying to get back to normal with a brand-new one.   Man oh man, what a lot of frustrating work.  

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thecatalanway said...

Welcome home from me too and glad it all went well and all are safe at home even if a bit miffed!

For me there is nothing so nice as getting home and taking a walk around the garden to see what has changed - especially with cats at my heels. Oh I look forward to having such a garden and some cats again!

I do understand the computer thing. I have a new ipad and was hoping it could be my travelling companion when we go to the UK but I find some things are so much easier on my laptop - I just can't do them on the new one. So I think I will be travelling with both!
love Kate