Friday, 8 May 2009

super de-luxe Mercado in Chiclana.

When we arrived in the area 6 years ago , the central market for fruit, veg, meat and fish was a place where you'd need to gird you loins to get through it. The aisles were very narrow and queues 3 or 4 deep; often a group would just be standing, talking, with push chairs and gridlock was not uncommon. Above is the snail man, who has had a stall outside the old market for years; wild asparagus is sold there too when in season and strange looking herbs. Behind him there's a big gap where the market used to be and here is the brand-new one.....spacious, air-conditioned, set in a plaza with fountains, benches, lottery vendors and activist stalls.

Here's one of the butchers and cold meats
And here you can see the wider aisles, with one of the fish and seafood stalls in the far distance.
Fabulous-looking fruit and veg, all said to be locally grown. It continues to baffle me that you can't move at some stalls for the customers queuing, while others are empty. Yet the prices and produce look the same.
In the centre of the market is a brand-new mall, two floors, marble floors, all expensively kitted out, several bars, cafes and even the churros and chocolat place - sheer indulgence. One cafe offers menu del dia of 3 courses for 5€ - what a bargain.

And, finally, I couldn't resist this pic of two delightful puppies in a push chair out with their owner, whose friend had the grandchild in another pushchair. No-one was taking any notice of the grandchild.


Keefieboy said...

Wow, mucho pijo.

Darlene said...

Shopping must certainly be easier now. Your photos remind me of the Food Stalls at Harrod's in London.