Friday, 24 April 2009

Visiting Siamese, part 2.

Lourdes, who lives about 10 minutes' walk away, and her son, Ezekiel, came today to let us know that Shanti (my secret name for our visitor) is their cat. They call him Gato (cat) and took him home in their car. He hadn't been home for 3 days and I guess he'd found a nice little billet around our house so's he could wake me up by yowling at 7 a.m. for some breakfast. We've said that it's better if we don't give him any food, so that he'll return home, but he's most welcome to visit any time.

So, all's well that ends well, eh.

A couple of very good articles this week on older people and how they are perceived by younger
people. Take a look at Ronnie at Time goes by (click on title) and D at 60 going on 16. This is what it's really like getting older - or so some would hope. Give me the garden and the slow life any time.

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