Saturday, 28 March 2009

The smell of Cornwall

It doesn't look anything sitting there on the plate, does it? But if you could smell it as I do, you wouldn't be able to wait to get your teeth into it. Wendy from Redruth in West Cornwall has moved to our town and has started her Cornish Kitchen, selling these wonderful pasties, baked to order. I ordered a dozen and salivated all the way home as the car was suffused with the smell of pastry, potato, swede, onion and meat. If you've ever walked down the main street of any town in Cornwall at lunch time, you'll know what I mean.

They've been a vital part of the Cornish people's diet for over 200 years. There are hundreds of stories about the evolution of the pasty's shape, with the most popular being that the D-shape enabled tin miners to re-heat them underground as well as eat them safely. The crust (crimped edge) was used as a handle which was then discarded due to the high levels of arsenic in many of the tin mines. No chance of my discarding my crust....Wendy's pastry is divine.

The size of mine here is relatively modest, by Cornish standards. I've been in pubs where they fill the whole plate....too much for one person. Favourite way to eat them is straight from the bag, sauntering along the Prom - fighting off the seagulls.


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...


You are right it doesn't look like much but I take your word for it that it tastes devine!

They say that a certain scent can transport us instantly to the past, but I think that applies to a certain taste too. ;-)

Barbee' said...

Mmmmm, how I wish I could share that yummy lunch. It sounds delicious to my U.K. roots, but I have never had one :(

LadyLuz said...

Hi Yolanda, you're so right. I came across a traditional sweetie site called Sugarboy and it transported me right back to childhood.

Hi Barbee

There's loads of stuff about pasties if you Google, even the recipes and crimping the handle, if you feel moved to have a go. Me, I don' hopeless at pastry.

Queen Vixen said...

OOOOh Cornish Pasties. They are awesome. Had my first real one in Cornwall and was amazed at the cullinary brilliance. Love your blog and hope to visit a bit more - especially as you are TA :o)

Keefieboy said...

*Drool* I wonder if Wendy delivers to Madrid? Thought not. But I'm pretty good at pasties and pies myself - feeling inspired to make some now!

LadyLuz said...

Good to see you again, Keefie. Good luck with your book - it sounds intriguing.

kate said...

Hard to imagine a cornish pasty shop in Spain - I wonder how it is going?
I don't know if I managed to send you a message before - got a bit confused as my Mac was playing up - but I came over here about a year ago after living in Lamorna 15 years. First to Barcelona then met and fell in love with a Catalan man from Granollers. So here I am, a little bit still with one foot in Cornwall but my heart definitely in Catalunya. I know Annie Hatfield - both acupuncturists and tango dancers! Swopping Cornish damp for Granollers sunshine wasn't too painful but I do miss the sight of Mounts Bay on a moonlit night and the absence of high rise apartments along the coastline. All best wishes Kate