Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Silence broken

My, oh my, nearly the first quarter of the year over and nothing written. Now why is that, I wonder. I've done a lot of reading, been out and about, worked endlessly in the garden and, yet, have felt nothing of value or interest to say on here.

I know many bloggers do the odd paragraph almost daily. Others I visit regularly write so superbly and about such interesting things that I feel that sense of unworthiness of my efforts creeping in, so do nothing. I know it is ridiculous to have this self-judgement sitting on my shoulder, but I can't seem to shake it off. I have put my toe in the water on my gardening blog because I got all fired up about chillies but that was that.

I'm hoping that having given voice to these daft feelings, I can launch myself off again......we shall see.


em said...

I think we all compare our blogs - and our lives - with what others write and do, and some days are worse than others.
Keep writing, just the way you do! I so enjoy visiting friends in other parts of the world and getting glimpses of their daily life.

Barbee' said...

You wrote exactly what I have been thinking all winter. When I finally broke the drought of writing, I even posted two posts of my Autumn and Winter book lists. The post previous to those was an explanation of why I hadn't been writing. Seems you and I were on the same wave length.