Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Marriage of Cultures

I've strained my brain for hours to figure out how to post videos. Here's a beauty of Irish and Spanish dance from River Dance, posted in error originally on my Gardening blog. (I've left it there for them to enjoy too). This is the full 8 min. video and there's a treat also for devotees of Jean Butler.

From my early days at school on the Country Dancing team in the 1940s, I've loved dance. Flamenco grabbed me in the 1950s when I saw Antonio at the Coliseum in London and hung around for hours, without success, at the stage door for an autograph. I drooled at the Albert Hall in the 90s when Joaquin Cort├ęs appeared, more over his uncle's dancing to be honest. Now, I live right in the thick of it in Andalucia. How good is that.

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monix said...

Hello, I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading the posts I've missed. Thanks for leaving your comment on my Joy of Gifts post - have only just found it as my email alerts have been taking a long time to come through.

I'll be back soon.