Monday, 10 November 2008

Indulgence, Spanish style.

The No. 1 elevenses in Spain. Hot chocolate, which is like liquid chocolate and a cup of this leaves you wired for hours, and churros - thin (usually) hot doughnut sticks with sugar shaken over them.

We allow ourselves these about twice a year but I didn't bargain for these very wide sticks today in our local supermarket cafe. Here's my plate of naughtiness. The waiter did a double take when I ordered a plate each.

These scrumptious naughties can be found in most areas of Spain, often in special churros cabins. They're about half a metre long when fished out of the fryer, snipped into smaller bits into a paper cone and shaken over with sugar.....heaven.


Q said...

Wow! They do look to be delightfull! Hot cocoa looks heavenly too.
I am looking forward to coming back and reading all your posts and getting to know you.
Spain is beautiful.

Music Food and Love said...

My father lives in Spain and when I go there to visit him I always have churros. They go great with strawberry jelly.

Dazzle said...

That photo mkaes me think of summer mornings in La Barrosa!

When my children were younger they loved nothing better than an early morning walk along the beach and then a breakfast of Churros.

They never even minded that the queues at the Churros place were always out of the door!

Ha - daydream over - back to the cold and rain of the UK!

60 Going On 16 said...

When I was at school, our Spanish teacher told us about the delights of churros - and turron. I had to wait a few years, until my first visit to Spain in 1972, to sample both. Terrible for the waistline and (in the case of turron) for the teeth. But totally delicious.

For years, when I lived around the corner from Portobello Road, one of my favourite food shops was a Spanish delicatessen, R Garcia. I can still taste the smell of it now, if you know what I mean. These days, on the rare occasions when I manage to get back to Portobello, which is 200 miles from where I now live, it's one of the first places I visit. Not just for the food but for the range of Spanish soaps and colognes it stocks and which I can't buy anywhere down here in the South West.

LadyLuz said...

I can see these churros are a hit with you all. Maybe I should compile best churros in the Province guide. I used to have a mental one of best pasties in Cornwall (definitely in Newlyn, not far from the best, Jelbert's ice cream).

We haven't stocked up on turron yet, though all shops are stuffed full, plus the polverones, ready for Christmas.

Darlene said...

One of my great disappointments when I toured Spain was that I never had a churro. I had read about them and wanted to try one. I finally found a place with a churros sign on top. Unfortunately, it had become another business and had not taken the sign down.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Sounds absolutely delish but must contain at least a zillion calories those churros, not to mention the hot chocolate. ;-)