Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Churros, more information

I can see that my post on these delicious naughties brought back happy memories for some of you, so here's more information, with thanks to a wonderful book "In the Garlic" (estar en el ajo, which means to be clued up, to know the score) by Valerie Collins & Theresa O'Shea. Val and Theresa have a website click HERE
You can read more, buy the book and visit other articles by these two women, who live in Barcelona.

For those not in the garlic, churros are fritters made from dough and extruded from a large piping bag into hot oil. When fried to a crispy texture, they're dusted with sugar and (optional) cinnamon.
What I didn't know was that the smaller, crinkly ones I prefer are called madrileƱos. The thicker tubular variety that I had recently are porros (truncheons) or tejeringos (meaning I-inject-you's, from the verb jeringar to inject). And just to muddle me up even further, on our next trip to Seville we must ask for calentitos (little hotties - I love it).


Darlene said...

Could you please send dozen hot ones to Arizona? You have made my mouth water.

LadyLuz said...

If I could Darlene, I'd send you a truck load of churros and a bucket of chocolata.

Valerie said...

Hi Lady Luz
Regards from Garlic Lady.


LadyLuz said...

Thank you Val. I have emailed you (which maybe I should have done first, before posting about your book)