Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In the Garlic

Last Christmas I wrote about Spanish customs, based on the book In the Garlic. I've now discovered Theresa has her own website HERE with a bit more information about the Spanish Christmas and more on the caganer. I see I spelt it wrong on my two blogs below.....so slap my wrists.

Enjoy Theresa's site.


Darlene said...

I had never herd of cagenars. What a hoot! I don't think I would put one in the nativity scene, though. Maybe in a potted plant.

kate said...

Do you have the caganers in your region too? I enjoyed it all last Christmas but after writing about it on my blog realised that not everyone shares my earthy humour. I think here it has many levels of meaning - like even the shit is holy, and that we mustn't forget that religions have their dark dirty parts, and that the beauty of life is in the nourishing and the eliminating, the birth and the death etc etc. Light and dark - all one world. I like the way you link to other sites - it's very generous. I went and visited but came back! Kate