Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Spanish Christmas

These are representative of Spanish humour - cageners (defecators). It's a custom from the 17th century in Catalonia, where - as a symbol of fertility for the earth - a little statue is tucked away somewhere in the Nativity model. The one with the red cap is said to be the traditional, original one but now you can find them of famous figures: sports stars (hundreds of footballers), political figures, celebs. Last year they introduced one of Barack Obama. Go take a look at this site if you're further interested HERE

I hope the link works. If not, Google cagener. I have included Queen Elizabeth II and Gordon Brown.

I did take a good look at the beautiful Nativity in a restaurant I went to today (see following post) but no sign of a cagener......what a pity - que pena.


Treez said...

Thank you for the garlic link. Snap indeed! Still on alearning curve with blog so will link in when I can! And will grab some time in this crazy month to peruse your site! Bon nadal.

Caganer said...

Queen Isabella of Spain????

NO! She is Queen Elisabeth of England!

LadyLuz said...

Yes, so sorry - what was I thinking. I will do my best to edit. Thankyou for highlighting my error.