Friday, 22 November 2013

Aging Siamese

 This is Yang, a few years ago.   He is still sleek and athletic and during the summer he prefers the outdoors.   But, come the drop in temperature he stays in and picks the choicest spots to snooze - our chairs and our bed.   He's never been a lap cat but he does like to be close to us. 

 Yin is a different matter.   She does the talking for both of them, hardly ever goes out and has turned into a butterball.  If we could put her in a baby sling and carry her around with us, she'd be in 7th heaven because she won't stop nagging until we sit  or lie down and she can snuggle up.   She even harrasses us at night to close down the PCs and go to bed.    What a tyrant. 

Well, poor love can't get out from the study window now - it's too deep a drop -  so el jefe has made her a ladder.

It's a crude affair from oddments of wood, but she loves it and didn't even need showing how to use it.  

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thecatalanway said...

oh what lovely cats....I do miss having a cat and hope to one day again. that ladder reminded me of so many cats i used to know in london who had complicated ramps and ladders to let them reach the big outdoors. i'm glad you are writing again. K x