Wednesday, 31 July 2013

El Jefe's culinary delights

About 5 years ago, D produced his first cooking session for me - an apple pie made with Bramley apples that a friend brought us from Gibraltar.  

Next, a couple of years later,  he made a very good loaf using the bread maker.   I took pics of both and posted them somewhere on the blog as it was such a milestone:  these from the man who said food is fuel. 

I couldn't believe my ears when he said he wanted to have a go at Paul Hollywood's Chelsea buns.    I rounded up all the ingredients and stood by to be the plongeur, clearing up all the pots and bowls.   Well, he didn't back out and last week produced a tray of 8 and all very good.    The recipe on line was slightly different from the YouTube demo, which I think if he uses the modified version in future, they will be much improved.   Meanwhile, here are the results - just after proving, pre-icing and then iced.....

The icing is very special - the zest of an orange, plus icing sugar and suffient water to make it like a thickish creamy consistency.  Slop it all over the buns with a paint brush. 

It's always hit and miss with baking here because of the fluctuation in the electricity supply.   Endesa, the supply company, is making millions, but will they improve their infrastructure - no they won't.    So normally I don't bake as things tend to get burned on top before they're cooked through.   But these buns were great.  

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