Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cortes de la Frontera lunch

At last we made it up the mountain on the little train from San Roque.   The first time we tried, last year, the company had closed the line for upgrading.   The next time, we arrived way too early and we hadn't made arrangements beforehand to get Yin and Yang fed their supper so we went to Gibraltar instead.   The next two times there were such wild storms there was no point.   So we were delighted when, last Sunday, it was glorious weather and the little train took us up for Sunday lunch with our friends from nearby Sotogrande.

This is the train much loved by  walkers in the Alcornacales National Park - it will go all the way to Ronda but an early morning fast train can take you to Granada.....a trip we will make one day.   Today the train was full of 3-generation Spanish families enjoying a trip together.

We had lunch in the  wonderful setting of the El Gecko hotel and restaurant, whose sun terrace at the back overlooks the river.   Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is something neither of us has had for many, many years:  fresh veg were beautifully cooked and to top off the meal we had crepe Suzette....all delicious.   Here's a link to their website www.elgeckohotel.com ,   A  British couple, Maxine and Bill, will give you a warm welcome.

And now for the slide show .....I hope


antigonum cajan said...

I notice that you have not visited the most important gardening blog in the Caribbean with one hundred species with their botanical names.

Why is that?

antigonum cajan said...

Para agradecer su veloz visita..Suerte i exito. I ke viva el Barsa...

me said...

I didn't know you have this blog too!

LadyLuz said...

Hi Jan

Yes, this is a bit of hit-and-miss one...I have to be in the mood. When I started it I was obsessed with the US presidential elections. It's a bit of a hotch-potch now. Enjoy when you've got time away from the veg and building works.

thecatalanway said...

hi there I can't seem to find your email - if I ever had it! So I came here to answer your comment on my blog. You're right - I think animals feel more attached to people than place and even an old dog (perhaps especially an old dog) might prefer travel to being without her main person. I am looking into it all now. Wondering if I need put her through the whole pet passport business if I am not thinking of bringing her back.
Now to find a home with a garden at least. Collies and terraces don't go well together! Thanks for your helpful message K x