Friday, 14 August 2009

Health Care.

I've just watched the BBC news with pictures of the hysteria surrounding the reforms to U.S. health care: faces, body language, slogans - all filled with such hate. I just do not understand that people can turn their backs and ignore the fact that 46 million of the population have no health care coverage, and more have less coverage than is adequate.

It's true that those European countries with a universal health service are struggling with problems of how to fund the system. More and more people are living longer: there are such advances in medical technology, the high cost of pharmaceuticals, not to mention a mind-set of some who believe that whatever they want they should have for free, be it cosmetic surgery, IVF, gastric bands to reduce weight etc. It's difficult for any Government to keep up with demand but at least people do get treatment and care without the worry of being turned away because of an inability to pay.

I was reminded this morning of how fortunate I was to have grown up in a national health system in UK. My country has transferred my right to have free treatment and prescriptions to my adopted country, Spain so I have my medication, routine blood tests and ECG for my 2 year old condition, all without it costing a centimo. OK, I worked for 40-odd years and paid into the system (National Insurance) which guaranteed me a retirement pension at aged 60 and free health care and, boy, am I glad of it now at an age where I no longer work for my living.


Music Food and Love said...

I was also looking incrediblely at the tv! How can people be so selfish? America's health care system is a shame and it was about time some president decided to take measures. I never saw them complaining about the millions spend with the Defense Departement, with weapons and wars.
I don't mind paying my taxes to commun health care, social security, education, that is how a society, a comunity is supose to be, we are all in it together.

Celeste Maia said...

Obama's speech yesterday was very good on the subject, he is finally finding his stride. I have a good health insurance with MAPFRE, I used to have an American Health Insurance but they never honored my various bills, always asking for more and more paperwork. Until I switched to the Spanish health insurance and I am so glad I did.

karin said...

Thank your commentng on my letter to IBDeditorials. I have to figure out now what to do. I will write again to my representatives and Obama. Unfortunately, my companion has such different views from mine and I get quite frustrated. I sometimes in my mind make new lyrics to the John Lennon's Imagine
Imagine there's no Rush Limbaugh. Its easy to do. People talking civilly to each other. and no Sean Hannity too.

LadyLuz said...

Thank you to you three interesting, creative women who have great blogs yourselves.

I love the new lyrics, Karin.