Sunday, 7 December 2008

Simple Truths

Back in the 70s when I was studying sociology, among other things, I learned the name for that senseless activity we all deploy to escape doing something we don't want to do - Displacement Activity. You know the thing: you have an assignment to do, an appointment to make, etc. and, suddenly, there's that burning need to clean the oven, re-order the you've procrastinated over for weeks. I chuckled with recognition then and I still do when I find myself indulging in it.

I've developed a passion for lists over the years. Unlike now where lists are essential, I didn't need them, but I always had a list of "to-do" things which always ended with "do nothing". This was good advice from a friend to help me overcome a time of extended sick leave when I felt bereft of the structure of my job.

This week I've received from another piece of good advice which brings together list making and displacement activity..... "eat that frog". Go take a look

Don't forget to turn up the volume.


Roger said...

I still do "to do's" and I'm 80! Couldn't really do w/o them.

Music Food and Love said...

Oh wow! I'm reading this post and already feeling like procrastinating! I don't make lists because I end up not following them. I do things as they come and try not to pile them up.
Nice frog video, very funny and usefull!

Titania said...

Dear Ladyluz I can relate to that.
I have once started to write a list but I have as quickly given it up as I started one. I new before I started my list that I was not a list person. I thought it was sort of neat if I can look at my list and say, done this been there. Lists definitely do not work for me! I am back in my old muddle and feel very comfortable.