Saturday, 13 September 2008

A new direction.

I’ve wound up my gardening blog and am over here to let my thoughts be given free rein on any topic that takes my fancy. Not for nothing is it called Everything and Nothing and that the url means “my foot in my mouth” (my partner’s suggestion - I wonder what he’s trying to tell me!)

Let me kick off with a lovely observation from Kate here. I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about aging recently and I think her metaphor provides a nice link between my old blog and the new.

gracefully aging

While admiring the Pulsatilla vulgaris this spring, I began thinking of how the life of a flower from bud to seedpod loosely parallels our lives. When we are young and in full bloom, we turn our faces to the sun and bask in our youthful beauty and exuberance. It is a time of unlimited possibilities and much exploration. Our petals are shiny and bright. We are filled with youthful optimism and yearn to reach higher and experience as much as we can.

And then, as time goes on, we gain more knowledge and a deeper wisdom about life. We have cycled through our early adulthood and have reached middle age. We have learned much about life and love and know the meaning of loss. We know, too, what is really of value and what we cherish.

It is a time of a different sort of beauty- more of a radiant, inner one. Even though we are exhorted to try and maintain youthful appearances and banish any outward signs of aging, there is a dignity nonetheless in allowing ourselves to enjoy the skin that we're in.

Just as with the Pulsatilla, the seedpods are not as flashy as the flowers, but they still have an allure. There is a mystery to them. They are occupied with other things beyond passing fads and pleasing others. Sometimes these are hard lessons to learn.

Thank you once again Kate for allowing me to use this.


Colin & Carol said...

Hi Pam,

We had the same problem slow garden days and spending sometime back in the UK. Our garden blog was born out of a fig from figueres which was going to be a general blog about life here in Spain, then we found that the story of our house search and subsequent renovation merited its own space hence our villa in spain blog. After that we had so much landscape work that we gave the garden story its own blog. Now we sometimes think that we would like to combine the three story lines again, but realise that some people only want to read about the house whilst others are primarily gardeners. Good luck with your new blog, it maybe you can link your stories between the two blogs rather than give up altogether.

Titania said...

ladyluz, best wishes with your new blog and I will for sure "hop over". I look forward to read your thoughts about
Everything and Nothing.
Take care. T.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a great observation from Kate and it's a great way to kick off your new blog!

Wishing you lots of fun with your new blog and lots of purrrrrrrrrrrrs to Yin and Yang from the Bliss team.

60 Going On 16 said...

Very best wishes for your new blog, which I'll add to my blogroll right now!